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"A princess is on a quest to unite the five greatest warriors to save her kingdom from a demon sorceress" 

ToaAE [Mediafire] Part 1
ToaAE [Mediafire] Part 2
ToaAE [Mediafire] Part 3 
Tales of an Ancient Empire [2010] DVDrip [RMVB Hard-Subbed & MKV] Full View

"Kung Fu Master follows Tan Zong, one of the greatest kung fu experts on the face of the Earth in the midst of feudal China"

Kung Fu Master [2010] [Mediafire] Part 1
Kung Fu Master [2010] [Mediafire] Part 2
Kung Fu Master [2010] [Mediafire] Part 3
Kung Fu Master [2010] DVDrip C-Movie [English Dubbed] Full View

"After being betrayed by the organization who hired him, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss"

Machete [USAupload] Part 1  
Machete [USAupload] Part 2
Machete [Fileserve] Single Link   
Machete (2010) BDrip [RMVB Hard-Subbed & MKV] Full View

"A tyrannical king reigns over his kingdom with an iron fist, but there is hope. A prophecy foretold long ago states that a boy will rise up against the oppressive regime and lead his people to the promised land of Promethea. This is the action-packed journey of one boy that sparks a rebellion that ignites a vicious clash of wills between king and commoner, where only one group can emerge alive and victorious"

 Journey To Promethea [Mediafire] Part 1
Journey To Promethea  [Mediafire] Part 2
Journey To Promethea  [Mediafire] Part 3
Journey To Promethea  [Hotfile] Part 1 
Journey To Promethea  [Hotfile] Part 2
Journey To Promethea  [Hotfile] Part 3    

Journey To Promethea (2010) BDrip [RMVB & MKV] Full View


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