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"“Haq” is an action film concerning the struggle between good and evil. Haq (Zul Huzaimy) and Bad (Adi Putra) are gifted with special powers. Bad, who was adopted by Haq’s family, has a deep-seated hatred for Haq. He uses his powers to tarnish Haq’s good name. However, Haq refrains from using his powers to stop Bad until he finds himself cornered by the latter"

Haq [Mediafire] Part 1
Haq [Mediafire] Part 2
Haq (2010) Full View

"The story begins with a man named Johan who work at a government hospital as medical assistant and is happily married to his wife Ayshash. Their life was disrupted when Johan's ex-girlfriend Anna appears and tried to win him back"

Khurafat [Mediafire] Part 1
Khurafat [Mediafire] Part 2 
Khurafat (2011) Full View


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