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Brothers Am (Shaheizy Sam) and Ad (Syafie Naswip) are involved in a baby-selling syndicate run by a woman known as Mama. As they progress, a friend’s sister, Hawa (Sara Ali) gets involved too and Ad can no longer turn a blind eye. However, his moral struggle starts to shake his relationship with Am

Songlap (2011) DVDRip Single Link

Songlap (2011) DVDRip Part 1
Songlap (2011) DVDRip Part 2

Nota :
Single link : download dan terus dapat tengok
Part 1 & 2 : korang download semua part, korang hanya perlu extract part 1 jer. extract akan auto join  kedua-dua part. selamat menonton (^_^)
Songlap (2011) DVDRip Full View


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